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Operational disposal of 2,7-dibromofluorene

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Operators should be trained and strictly abide by the operating procedures.

The operation and disposal should be carried out in the place with local ventilation or general ventilation facilities.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin, avoid inhalation of steam.

Keep away from fire and heat source. No smoking in the workplace.

Use explosion-proof ventilation system and equipment.

If Canning is needed, the flow rate should be controlled and the grounding device should be provided to prevent the accumulation of static electricity.

Avoid contact with prohibited compounds such as oxidants.

When carrying, it should be loaded and unloaded lightly to prevent the package and container from being damaged.

Empty containers may contain harmful substances.

Wash hands after use, and do not eat in the workplace.

Fire fighting equipment of corresponding variety and quantity and leakage emergency treatment equipment shall be provided.